As the tax deadline approaches.........

First and foremost: thank you for entrusting us with your tax preparation needs. 

We would like to ensure all our clients that we are diligently working to complete your income tax returns. We work on each return in the order that they are received. After your return is completed by Royce, it then goes to support staff who put everything in order, write instructions that apply to your personal return and prepare for you to sign the necessary forms for your return to be submitted to the IRS and state, if applicable. 

Each return is unique and goes through many phases of preparation, before and after the return is completed by Royce. 

We have a cutoff date each year for information to be received into our office and we ensure that all returns are completed by the federal deadline if information is received by the cutoff date. This cutoff date is generally the last Friday in March prior to the April federal deadline. 

Information that is received after the cutoff date could require an extension to be filed. We keep working up until the federal deadline to complete as many returns(received after the cutoff) as possible.

When your return is complete and ready for you to review and sign, we will contact you by phone or email.  

Thank you again for entrusting us with your tax preparation needs.